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Walnut Hills Reinvestment Plan

What does change look like to YOU?

 Update (November 28, 2016): The plan has gotten the thumbs up from the Planning Commission

Walnut Hills is changing. Our community's long time residents and businesses are welcoming new investment into the neighborhood for the first time in years. Our trajectory is set to return Walnut Hills to Cincinnati's "second downtown" that it once was. But we need to make sure we get there with our existing community fabric in tact and leading the charge.

To that end, the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, along with the Walnut Hills Area Council, undertook a community-based planning process to ensure that the residents of Walnut Hills influence the change. During the first round of engagement in February, we heard from over 200 people about their vision for Walnut Hills. We looked at maps, highlighted assets, and pointed out parts of the neighborhood that need attention. We "drilled down" into three parts of Walnut Hills that we think will see a lot of change in the future, and received some really great insight from residents of those areas. We worked with the City of Cincinnati's planning team and other neighborhood departments to make sure that our suggestions and initiatives align with the City's long term goals. 

Thanks to our community partners, the City of Cincinnati, MKSK, Development Strategies, and Walnut Hills residents for helping us through this process! #WeAreWalnutHills